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Business loans

Credit type

Business loans are one of the most popular types of business financing. These are loans intended for entrepreneurs who need funds to run or develop their business. In Poland, business loans are granted by banks and financial institutions, and there may be some difficulties in obtaining them. In such a situation, an experienced credit expert can help.


Credit application procedure

To obtain a business loan, an entrepreneur must meet certain banking requirements. The process of obtaining a business loan begins with filling out a credit application, documenting the company’s financial situation and presenting plans for the future. First of all, it is important to present a stable financial situation for the company and have a positive credit history. Banks also check the customer’s creditworthiness and the type of business. If the result is positive, the loan will be granted. It is worth remembering that each bank has different requirements, so the entrepreneur should carefully study the bank’s offer and seek advice from a credit expert.


A business loan is one of the financial solutions that can bring many benefits to your business. The process of obtaining a loan is complicated and requires certain conditions to be met, but if your company meets these requirements, a business loan can be a good solution for raising funds for growth and investment. Before deciding on a loan, it is advisable to carefully analyze your financial situation and the offers of financial institutions to choose the best option for your business.

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What do you get?

Educational meeting

We start with meetings or video conversations to make sure that you gain all the necessary knowledge and get answers to your questions. Our priority is to make you fully aware of all the offers available on the market, the basic principles of economics, banking mechanisms, your rights and the provisions of the loan agreement.

Creditworthiness assessment

The most important step that determines your further decisions. During the meeting we will calculate your creditworthiness in individual banks, point out risks and potential weak points of the transaction that you may encounter during the loan application process. Thanks to this, being fully aware and prepared, you increase your chances for a positive decision.

Matching the best offer

For each client we develop an individual concept and strategies with a detailed plan and checklist. Let us find for you the most attractive offers and adjust them to your needs, expectations and financial possibilities.

Care from A to Z during the entire process

We support the client by leading “by the hand” step by step through the entire loan process. From the first phone call, meetings and conversations, filling out all the documents, paperwork, all the way to signing the loan agreement in the bank and closing the process completely.  With us you are never left without support and care.

Assistance in completing necessary documents

The average mortgage application for one bank contains dozens of pages of different types of documents, which makes the preparation process very complex and difficult, especially for an inexperienced person. We will help you efficiently collect the necessary documents and we will submit the application for you in any bank of your choice.

All the paperwork in one place

It is convenient and time-saving to submit applications to several selected banks during one meeting in our office. In the chosen bank you will appear only at the signing of the contract, at the very end of the whole process.

Legal assistance and security

Our greatest emphasis is a thorough understanding of the entire loan process and your safety. You will be fully aware and knowledgeable of the real estate terms and loan agreements before making any decision. In addition, we work with legal advisors and notaries so you can seek information or seek their legal advice.

21 banks in the offer

Save time and money by taking advantage of our 14 years of experience. We’ll find and match you with the best financial products available, personalizing the offer to your needs – all in one place over a delicious cup of coffee. We work independently with over 35 banks and financial institutions in total.

Assistance in finding a property

We also help you find your dream property by working with the largest developers and best real estate agencies on the market. In many cases, we also help in negotiating the final price and the terms of the agreement, such as the schedule of payments of subsequent tranches.

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