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We have prepared a series of recordings for you.

We want you to come to the meeting with an outline in your head of the area we are going to cover. You will find on our platform videos that address the most important, fundamental issues of taking out a mortgage. Some of them relate more to you when it comes to, for example, the issue of creditworthiness itself, some of them develop other threads, less universal, but they should also be exhausted at the very beginning. We want you to have a certain foundation when coming to the meeting so that it is as productive as possible for you – we respect your time. We invite you to watch and possibly ask questions already at the meeting.

Movie #2
How to get a MORTGAGE LOAN in Poland? 3 Foundations of Credit Application, Timeline, Documents,Steps
Movie #3
What makes MORTGAGE INTEREST RATES? About Margins, Reference Rates and Economy in Poland
Movie #4
Movie #5
Movie #6
Movie #7