Program Goals:

The “Mieszkanie na Start” program supports:

  • Purchase of apartments or houses (primary or secondary market),
  • Construction of a personal house,
  • Acquisition of housing shares in cooperatives or participation in SIM/TBS.

Financial Support and Credit Subsidies:

  • Interest Rates: Thanks to subsidies, the mortgage interest rate can be reduced to levels between 0% and 1.5%, depending on the size of the household.
  • Target Group: The program is aimed at singles under the age of 35 and households without age limits, including marriages and informal couples, with or without children.

Income Limits and Conditions:

  • For Singles: Up to 10,000 PLN gross per month,
  • For Two-person Households: Limited to 18,000 PLN gross per month,
  • For Three-person Households: Income limit set at 23,000 PLN gross per month,
  • For Four-person Households: Up to 28,000 PLN gross per month,
  • For Households of Five or More: Income limit set at 33,000 PLN gross per month.

Additional Conditions: The program is primarily aimed at individuals who do not own real estate, except for families with 3+ children.

Value of Subsidies:

The program envisages varying subsidy amounts depending on the number of people in the household:

  • Single-person: Up to 200,000 PLN,
  • Two-person: Up to 400,000 PLN,
  • Three-person: Up to 450,000 PLN,
  • Four-person: Up to 500,000 PLN,
  • Five-person and larger: Maximum of 600,000 PLN + 100,000 PLN for each additional person.

Program Start and Duration:

The launch of the program is anticipated for mid-2024, with its duration extending until the close of 2025. According to official sources, the allocated budget is expected to allow for approximately 50,000 housing loans in its first year of operation, reflecting the significant scope and gravity of this initiative.

Important Notes:

  • The program is currently in the consultation phase, which may lead to changes.


“Housing for Start” represents a governmental step towards enhancing housing accessibility. This program has the potential to transform the Polish housing market by offering substantial financial support to a wider range of recipients.