Why mortgage loan rankings can vary?

Mortgage loan rankings can differ for several key reasons. Each bank offers different terms, promotions, and has an individual approach to customers. Various rankings may take into account different factors such as:

  • Insurance costs
  • Fees and additional charges
  • Repayment flexibility
  • Promotions and bonuses for new customers

Our list is based on the assumption of a 25-year mortgage loan for the amount of 500,000 PLN with a 20% down payment. However, every financial situation is unique, and the final offer from the bank may vary depending on individual conditions and needs.

Why you should consult your situation with our experts?

Every financial situation is unique, which is why an individual approach to choosing a mortgage loan is so important. Our assumptions are only a simulation, and your conditions may differ. That’s why we encourage you to contact our experts who will:

  • Analyze your individual financial situation
  • Find the best loan offers available on the market
  • Help negotiate with the bank
  • Provide support at every stage of the loan process

By working with us, you can be sure that the selected mortgage loan will be perfectly tailored to your financial situation and future plans.

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