The President signed the Law on Community Financing for Economic Ventures and Borrower Assistance. It allows the use of so-called credit vacations and extends the operation of anti-inflation shields from July 31 to October 31. The law additionally increases the Borrower Support Fund by PLN 1.4 billion. The law also provides for work on the process of determining the WIBOR proxy. The index replacement and the date of its introduction will be determined by decree.

How does the suspension of installments work?

  • The credit vacation will allow the suspension of repayment of a mortgage loan granted in PLN for a total of 8 months: 2 months each in the third and fourth quarters of 2022, and 1 month in each of the four quarters of 2023.
  • The suspension of repayment applies to both the principal and interest components of the loan.
  • The only fees that may occur during this period are insurance costs.
  • The duration of the loan will be extended by the number of months that the suspension of loan repayment has been used.

Who is eligible for assistance?

Loan vacations will be available to the borrower in regard to only one agreement concluded to cover his own housing needs, only for loans granted in PLN currency. The possibility of taking benefit from them will be regardless of the date of the mortgage.

How and where to apply?

The application for suspension of loan repayment will be accepted by banks in paper form or electronically, i.e., for example, through the electronic banking system.

From when can installments be suspended?

The law will take effect 14 days after the announcement.


We highly advise you to carefully analyze the rules under which your bank will offer to take advantage of this temporary “suspension of installments” for your mortgage. E.g. does it not enter you in certain registers, does it not note this in the BIK – which, for example, would imply in future dealings with banks, etc.?

Stay tuned – we will keep you updated as further relevant information arrives.