A mortgage expert is a person who guides us through the entire process involved in selecting offers and getting a mortgage. He provides us with reliable information about loans and current loan rules. He checks whether we meet the conditions to get a loan.

To answer the question, is it worth using the help of a mortgage expert? The answer is definitely yes. The multitude of credit offers, additional services or papers that will be needed in the process of obtaining a loan can make many of us dizzy. There are several arguments in favor of using the help of a mortgage expert.

Access to offers from different banks

An independent expert has access to many bank offers at the same time, knowing their requirements and specifications very well. He is not limited by one bank or bank products. This allows him to objectively choose the best offer from those available.

Matching the offer to the customer even in complicated cases

Based on a conversation with the client, the expert can select offers that are perfectly tailored to the client so as to maximize the chances of receiving a loan. The expert’s help is also invaluable in complicated cases where the client has an unusual source of income, for example. Thus, using the help of an experienced mortgage expert can significantly increase the chances of getting a loan and save even tens of thousands of zlotys.

Up-to-date data and procedures in one place

Banks are constantly changing their offers to match changes in the market. A mortgage expert keeps his finger on the pulse all the time and is up to date.

After-sales service

The assistance of an experienced credit expert often does not end when you receive a positive credit decision. An experienced expert constantly monitors the situation in the market and if it changes or a more favorable offer appears, he can contact the client again to inform him of possible solutions in another bank. If such a situation arises, he can help us transfer the loan to another bank. This is known as loan refinancing and involves the repayment of our debt by the new bank to which we move. For the client, it may be impossible to constantly monitor the market situation and mortgage offers, so here a mortgage expert also comes to the rescue.

The expert’s help is free

The help of a credit expert is completely free of charge for the client because the bank where the client got the loan pays his commission. If you are wondering how this is possible the answer is simple. Mortgage experts handle more than 50% of applications received by banks. For the bank it is a benefit because it gains a new customer, in addition, these applications are properly filled out and submitted mainly by customers who meet the criteria. For the bank, it’s a big saving because it doesn’t incur branch or marketing costs.

Saves time and stress

If the customer on his own wanted to get to know all the current bank offers and personally went to all the branches he would have to spend disproportionately more time on this. We must also remember that bank employees represent the interests of their employer and are not able to present the offers of other banks. A bank employee will not tell you about the downsides that are present in a particular offer of their branch. A mortgage expert is able to present the pros and cons of all offers based on his experience. His interest is not to convince the client to one particular offer, but to make the client happy and recommend the expert to his friends in the future.

As you can see, the benefits of an expert’s help are invaluable, but it is important to remember that when choosing a credit expert you should not be guided by chance, but by the opinions and reviews of the company you are contacting. An experienced expert can easily and quickly guide us through the entire mortgage process and will help save us a lot of money and stress.