📌 Conditions for Taking Advantage of the Payment Holidays
According to the new regulations, borrowers will be able to suspend payments twice during the summer period (June 1 – August 31) and twice in the fall-winter period (September 1 – December 31). This option is available to individuals whose mortgage payment exceeds 30% of their household income or who support at least three children on the application date. Suspension applies to loans not exceeding 1.2 million PLN. It’s estimated that up to 562,000 borrowers may benefit from this option in 2024.

💡 New Rules for the Borrowers’ Support Fund (FWK)
The amendment increases the maximum assistance for borrowers to 3,000 PLN (currently 2,000 PLN) and extends the assistance period to 40 months (currently 36 months). The loan will be repaid in 200 installments (instead of the current 144), with a maximum amount of 120,000 PLN. Borrowers in financial distress, whose payments exceed 40% of household income, as well as those whose monthly income after deducting mortgage expenses does not exceed 2.5 times the thresholds specified in the Social Assistance Act, are eligible for this support.

🏠 Changes Regarding Housing Investments
The law also allows for the suspension of loan payments taken out from BGK for construction projects. Payments can be suspended for four months in 2024.

📉 Budget Implications
The extension of mortgage holidays will cost the state budget 625 million PLN due to lost CIT revenue from banks. According to the finance ministry, banks will incur a total cost of about 4.7 billion PLN, compared to over 15 billion PLN in previous years.

The law will take effect seven days after its announcement.